$1,000.00 Cash Give Away

Each year, at the end of tax season, we give away $1,000.00 to the winner of our give away drawing.

How do you enter to win?

When you file your taxes with us you are automatically entered in the drawing.

Here's a look at previous year's winners:

George Streeter

2019 Winner

Lindsay Garvin

2018 Winner

Bryan Chenoweth

2017 Winner

Donna Chambers

2016 Winner

Mark Lee

2015 Winner

Daniel Hamilton

2014 Winner

Dianna Hartmann

2013 Winner

Jerry & Judith Delisle

2012 Winner

Elizabeth Attebery

2011 Winner

Brenda Fortson

2010 Winner

Rick & Debbie

2009 Winner

Paul & Betty

2008 Winner